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In need of plumbing repair services in Belfast, Lisburn, Banbridge or Newry?

Plumbers near me

Bob’s Belfast plumbers offer quality workmanship and a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Give us a call today on 0800 321 3936 and we’ll get you sorted. Most jobs are complete within the hour and we offer low transparent prices. So, if you are thinking where are the plumbers near me? then contact us and get a fixed hourly rate of only £69.99. Parts not included.

Repair Broken Toilet Flush

Repair Broken Toilet FlushThere are a few things that can go wrong with a toilet. Some are much more embarrassing when people come around, such as a faulty flush. That’s ok, we can help with that. Some toilets leak from under the tank, others may have a continuous flow. Either way we are here to help.

Repair Burst Pipe

Repair Burst PipeIf you have a dripping ceiling or bowing floor boards, it’s clear sign that you have a leak somewhere. Some are much easier to find than others. We can help with detecting and repairing leaks in your home.

Fix Leaking Taps

Fix Leaking TapsIs your tap always dripping no matter how hard you tighten the tap? Did you know it may be possible to fix your taps without having to buy a new set of taps. Give us a call and lets fix that drip.

Fix Electric Shower

Fix Electric ShowerIn some cases it’s possible to fix an electric shower. Buttons and knobs can easily break, wiring can come loose and heating elements can burn out. Most times it’s cheaper to replace a shower than replace an expensive part, but we can let you know on arrival.

Repair Faulty Shower Tray Seals

Repair Faulty Shower Tray SealsThis is one of our most requested services. Many times faulty seals lead to dam in walls, leaks in ceilings, and tiles falling the walls. Other times, the seal turns black and moldy and customers want it replaced. We can help with both.

Repair Stopcock & Overflows

30 day guarantee

A faulty tank stopcock can lead to an overflow problem, a pipe that continuously runs water at the back of the house. It is usually noticeable also because you can hear the tank in the loft always filling. If these symptoms sound familiar give us a call.

Repair Blocked Drains, Sink, Toilet & Waste Pipes

Repair Blocked Drains, Sink, Toilet & Waste PipesIf your sink is blocked or clogged, and toilet waste won’t flush away or you are getting foul smells from your waste, you could contact Bob’s Plumbers now to help with your blocked drains.

Fix Low Hot Water Pressure in Shower and Taps

how to fix low low cold water mains pressureIs your shower lackluster and missing a little oomph? If your shower or taps have low water pressure, then our plumbers can help.

Fix Low Mains Cold Water Pressure

how to fix low low cold water mains pressureA low cold water mains water pressure can lead to poor flow from taps, thermostatic valves and even cause damage to electric showers. Give our plumbers in Belfast, Banbridge, Newry, Lisburn or Dromore a call today on Free Phone 0800 321 3936 to help with improving your cold water mains water pressure.

So if you’re thinking plumbers near me?, then get in contact now because we can be there within an hour

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