Fix and repair an immersion heater

Fix & Repair Hot Water Immersion Heater

Having a problem with your immersion heater?

No hot water? Immersion heaters may be considered the thorn in a plumbers side. You’ve probably already tried a plumber or two via word of mouth and have not heard back from them? That’s typical when it comes to immersion heater repair. That’s because copper cylinders today are not made the same thickness as they used to be. Today they are waver thin and with all the heating and cooling around the threads of the immersion heater, they are notorious for getting stuck and when force is used, the copper cylinder can easily split. Due this risk and the cost of replacing the whole cylinder plumbers will avoid this job like the plague!


Fast Response Times


Maybe you have small children and a busy lifestyle and can’t afford to wait the “usual” few days or few weeks to get your hot water immersion heater back up and running. The good news is you don’t have to wait. You let us know when suits you, and we’ll come get you back on your feet again without taking a day off work only for a plumber not to show.

High Quality Workmanship

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As mentioned above. Replacing an immersion heater, once blown, takes some finesse, wisdom and experience. Sometimes you may have to heat the joint, sometimes crack it with without draining the system to add some strength to the copper. Either way, we aim to provide low cost solutions and repairs that don’t hurt the purse.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 day guarantee

What makes Bob’s Plumbers different when it comes to fixing your toilet flush? We offer an unparalleled 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We aim to make a difference in this industry and we do this by making your satisfaction our priority. Call us now on 0800 321 3936.

Award Seeking Customer Service

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If you were to recognised for what you do right in this lifetime, you would all have standing ovations. Unfortunately, this world rarely recognises us for the good we do for others, especially the good that no one sees. That’s why we have the motto “quality is doing it right when no one is watching”, because we understand we may not get a standing ovation for how we sorted the immersion heater problem cheaply and quickly, but we will know in our hearts, we did right and did it in a way that helped our customers.

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