fix low hot water pressure in shower and taps

Fix Low Hot Water Pressure in Shower and Taps

Has your shower got low hot water pressure?

So you get in the shower and it dribbles over you instead of massaging your skin. The temperature just won’t heat up to what you like and want. Don’t envy your neighbors or those fine hotels you stay in from time to time. Take back control and fix that low hot water pressure in your shower and taps and feel relieved and relaxed. Do it with minimum fuss, at a fair price and a time that is convenient for you. Call us now.


Fast Response Times

“It’ll be next week before I can come take a look”. You patiently wait all week and put up with a shower that actually starts your day off a feeling a little negative. You take the day off work and wait by the phone. You’re looking forward to your new hot water pressure shower. No call. No text. Nothing. Don’t put up with it. Book a time that is convenient for you now with Bobs Plumbers serving Belfast, Newry, Banbridge. Lisburn, and Dromore.

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High Quality Workmanship

We’ve seen some botch jobs in our time. Many times we actually fix problems that have been created by other plumbers just days or months ago. We believe that quality is doing things right when no one is looking. You put food on our table, we’ll always remember that when it comes to serving your plumbing needs.

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Award Seeking Customer Service

It’s true plumbers can seem magical with their complicated engineering speak and big words. Sometimes it’s all smoke and mirrors. Sometimes it just makes a customer feel a little inferior. But, Bob’s Plumbers explain the work we carry out in simple terms, we give prices upfront, we arrive when we say we will and we are friendly even if the customer is upset because we know how stressful plumbing can be in a household when it’s not working.

30 day guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

So you got a plumber out and they did the work. Two days later, something stops working, a leak occurs, or your unhappy with how things look. You call the plumber and after explaining your complaint, you never hear from them again. Well, not with Bob’s Plumbers, get our 30 day guarantee that we’ll fix any issues and stand by our word when we say we will fix low hot water pressure in shower and taps. Call us now on 0800 321 3936.

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