Plumbing Installations

In need of plumbing services in Belfast, Lisburn, Banbridge or Newry?

Give us a call now on FREE PHONE 0800321 3936 for plumbing jobs such as washing machine and dishwasher installations. We also provide install services for electric showers, taps, shower enclosures and more. You’ll find quality workmanship, award seeking customer service and low transparent pricing such as our fixed hourly rate of £69.99. Parts not included.

Toilet Fitting & Installation

Install A New Toilet

DIY is great, but there are some things you just want to get right the first time around. We can help with all kinds of bathroom renovations and installing new toilets is just one of the services you can avail of.

Kitchen & Basin Taps Installed

Install New Taps

One of the quickest ways to brighten up a kitchen or bathroom is to install a new set of taps. Give us a call today and we can help you find a nice set of bathroom basin taps or kitchen sink taps and install them at a convenient time.

Installation of Outside Taps

Install an Outside Tap

An outsdie tap is a great way to clean the yard, water your plants in the garden and fill a pool for the kids in the summer. It usually means drilling a whole through a wall, adding pipe and a waste. Don’t worry about all of that, we can provide the whole service.

Basin & Kitchen Sinks Replaced

Install a New Sink

Sinks can come in all sizes and shapes. If you would like a new kitchen sink installed we can take measurements and complete any joinery work to fit your new sink. We can just as easily install new bathroom sinks, just give us a call now to schedule a time.

Fix Electric Shower

Install an Electric Shower

We can help you choose an electric shower and install it for you. However, we do not install the wiring necessary for an electric shower, you will have to contact an electrician or we could recommend one.

Power Shower Installations Befast

Install an Power Shower

Power showers are great way to use hot water from your oil or fire heating system and they don’t require an electric upgrade which can cost between £300 to £500. We can add a pump to give that extra bit of luxury when you shower. For an extra bit of style we can conceal the shower valves.

Dishwasher Fitting

Install a Dishwasher

Dishwashers like washing machines need a water inlet as well as a waste pipe. No need to worry, we can sort this out and install your dishwasher. In some cases you may want to replace cabinets or add a cabinet door to your dishwasher, we can take care of that additional joinery work also.

Washing Machine Fitting

Install a Washing Machine

If you don’t already have a waste pipe and inlet for your new washing machine we can provide that service. And if you already have them, even better, it won’t take long to install your washing machine.

Bathroom Shower Enlcosures Fitted

Install Shower Tray & Shower Enclosures

If you are interested in updating your bathroom we can certainly help with installing shower trays and enclosures. Many of our repair jobs are about leaking shower trays and black mouldy sealant. Give us a call and get the job done right the first time.

Towel Heaters Fitted Belfast

Install a Towel Heater

There are two things that make a shower luxurious in our opinion and that’s warm floor tiles and a warm towel to wrap up in after a shower. We can replace your radiator for a towel warmer, give us a call today and book an appointment.

Radiator Installation

Replace or Install a New Radiator

Some rooms just don’t get hot enough, and sometimes a particular radiator just won’t heat up because of faulty valves or sludge in the radiator. Give us a call and lets discuss how we can help.

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